Thursday, July 8, 2010

mad about feedsack

Here at George and Bessie, we are completely obsessed with vintage feedsacks. We have quite a collection and are just itchin' to pair them with our vintage hand-embroidered coverlets to create that one-of-a-kind bedding for which we're known.

In case you're wondering what feedsacks are, here's a quick tutorial:


Between 1840 and 1890, manufacturers of grain, seed, and feed began using cotton sacks as containers. It didn't take long before some thrifty women realized these sacks could be used as fabrics for quilts, clothing, and other needs.

Eventually, feed and flour sack manufacturers began to realize how popular these sacks had become with women and in 1925, they began selling the sacks in colorful prints. By the late 1930s, there was intense competition to design the most attractive and desirable prints. Artists were hired specifically for this purpose. This turned out to be a genius marketing tool because women picked out flour, sugar, beans, rice, cornmeal, and even feed and fetilizer for the family farm based on which fabrics they liked.

By the 1950s, feedsacks fell out of favor as companies began to switch to paper bags which were more cost effective. Thankfully, many of these feedsacks still exist for new generations to enjoy!!
Be sure to check out to see what we've done with them.

What's your current obsession?